Let's Play

Let's Play Frankenship Part 1

Hoo boy


Let's Play Gods Will Be Watching - 2 - Negotiate

We stress

Let's Play Meltdown Part 3 - Do the Wave

Grind the coin

Let's Play Suburban Scavengers

A game about stealing garbage

Let's Play Fancy Ass Tennis

The most barely functional Pong clone ever made

Let's Play Gods Will Be Watching - 1 - Get Goin'

For the record, it was Michel's idea to play on original

Let's Play Soulstice: A Tale of Two Souls

Alec says it'd be alright if it were playtested even a little bit
Michel hates it from the core of his being

Let's Play Meltdown Part 2 - Good Design, Bad Design

You decide.

Let's Play Regular Human Basketball

100% A++

Let's Play It's Raining Inside

Don't play this game, play Riff Raft instead


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