Let's Play

Let's Play Skullgirls

Alec and Michel tackle the fighting game Skullgirls

Let's Play Minecraft Part 1

Alec abuses his op privileges

Let's Play Divekick

Alec and Michel use two buttons

Let's Play HammerWatch Part 2

Alec and Michel have slow health regeneration

Let's Play HammerWatch

Michel is a shitty paladin

Let's Play Spelunky HD Deathmatch

Alec continues celebrating the Spelunky HD release in a game mode where Michel can't drag him down

Let's Play Spelunky HD Co-Op

Alec celebrates the PC release of Spelunky HD by trying to teach Michel to not suck at a very difficult game.

Let's Play Manhunt Part 14

Alec gives up on Manhunt

Let's Play Manhunt Part 13

Alec takes over the insane asylum in Rockstar's Manhunt

Let's Play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters

Alec and Michel play a Ninja Turtles fighting game for the SNES


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