Let's Play

Let's Play Minecraft Part 3

Alec and Michel return to Minecraft. This time, there is a completely level playing field

Let's Play Lucius Part Three

Young Lucius is lost in his own house.

Let's Play Lucius Part Two

Alas, poor Lucius put away his toys and only got $5 dollars for allowance. He cannot be held responsible for what happened next.

Let's Play Where I Go At Night Part 2

The long awaited rematch between Man and Woof. We'll let you decide who's who.

Let's Play Lucius Part One

After the failure that was Manhunt, Alec and his sidekick Michel take on a murder simulator of a different sort. It's Lucius, by Shiver Games!

Let's Play Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale Part 2

Does Michel have more in common with a shopkeep or an adventurer?

Let's Play Rumble Pack

Alec and Michel square off in another fighting game. This time, Studio Egg's freeware offering, Rumble Pack

Let's Play Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale Part 1

Capitalism, Ho! Alec and Michel sit down with EasyGameStation's Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Let's Play Undead Legions

When the dead rise, a woman's place is on the battlefield

Let's Play Minecraft Part 2

Alec and Michel build a big box in the middle of the desert.


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